Privacy Policy

Here you can go through the privacy policy description and experiences that we have collected from our customers. We have implemented many experiences and customer caring factors on our venture to enable easy surfing through our website. We always keep the customer’s data safe and only use it when a customer needs our services.

We reserve the authority and right to update or change our privacy policy – it may be related to material, services, products, delivery methods and business partnership. We would like to encourage you to go through our privacy policy once before you deal with us.

What data do we collect?

Personal information

We only collect the information of the customers that are essential to process the payments and delivery. Apart from payment and delivery, the data is also used when it comes to taxation. This information is also used when we announce customer participation for a contest and send newsletters. The data includes the customer’s name, contact number, email address, physical address, city, state, username and password. When it comes to queries and transactions, you would be asked for other information as well.

Paypal and Stripe Services

We never keep the customer’s financial information. Instead, the link on our website will land you to Paypal or Stripe financial services platform for the payment transactions.

Promotional Offers and Contest Participation

When you would like to participate in our giveaways and promotional offers, we will need your Name, Physical Address and Email according to the official policy. We only disclose this above-mentioned data with our trusted sponsors and staff members.

Social Channel Linking

We offer you an option to link your social media profiles with our website based on registration. Kindly note that this isn’t only limited to your contact info and location.

The Way We Share DATA

Corporate Staff

Our employs handle and process data of each customer. Further, they control and manage the accounts to improve the user experience.


We have several partnered e-commerce and marketing blogging websites that help us grow and thicken our website. These websites feature social media channels’ post reviews with social media profiles of satisfied customers.

Provide Courier Service

When it comes to courier delivery agents, we prefer only valuable and trusted services, such as DHL and FedEx. For this, collected personal information of customers is used to deliver products.

Legal Purpose

We, as a trustworthy company, never sell out our customers’ data to third-party. We keep this data safe and secure. We only disclose this data in case of legal matters or a request from Government officials.


You must have noticed third-party ads on the website to serve the customers according to their interests. Different algorithms are used to collect information on users’ interests based on history and cache. We don’t have control over such advertisements.

The Way We Use Your Data

We need your data for the following purposes:

Checkout Processing: We need your information to process delivery of the goods that you have ordered with us with the accounts and billing details.

Marketing and Advertising: We do this part in order to send you:

  • Follow-ups
  • Promotion and deal offers
  • Partnership requests
  • Newsletters
  • Giveaways
  • Enter to win the contest
  • Launch of related products
  • Third-party offers
  • Surveys

Customer Service:  To improve the user experience, we prefer to use customer’s information that helps us to update:

  • Communication (Via social Network or chat)
  • Update order status
  • Product information
  • Service improvement

Data Treatment

We focus primarily to keep our customers’ data secure. Whatever information you provide us for the execution of your shopping remains in our secure database system.

Secured Socket Layer– We have SSL certification, meaning that whatever information you share is completely secured and submitted through encryption protected. The Password is recommended to be strong.

Child of 13 and below – We are not intended to provide our services to a child below 13 years of age. We will not entertain such children, neither keep their information.


Access and edit your information – you can update, edit, correct and verify your given information from our website – you can also contact us for this reason.

Reviews – You have complete liberty to share your reviews about your experience on our website. While filling out a form, you will be provided to select ratings in terms of stars out of five. Abusive language is restricted to use and such posts will be immediately removed since it violates our policy.

Contact Form – You can use the contact form to ask us anything related to our services and products, such as sizing, profile management, orders, products, delivery, promotions, deals and shipment.

EU Citizen – You can also request us for your personal data or information copy. Moreover, you can place a request for reviews that we receive from your side.

Data from Tracking Tools

Analysis – We take facilities from third-party tracking services. Such services detect our customers’ data, such as the Internet Service, Internet Protocol, Date/Time, Proxy and Page Views. It assists us in collecting users’ non-personal information. This non-personal information helps us in maintaining statistical analysis, such as age, browser, device category, demographics, etc.

Scripts – Any surfer can browse our webpages without revealing identity. A few scripts analyze and track users’ movements while surfing page to page.

Cookies – When a user visits our website, cookies are stored in the hard drive that recognize your device. It helps us to improve the enhancement of user experience and make it easier for the users.

Account Deactivation and Data Retention

Personal Data Maintenance – you have the option to delete your account anytime. However, your data will remain in our database system for future legal requirements, fraudulent prevention and security.

Account Closure – Our team will remove your personal information and profile when we won’t require your data and mark your profile as anonymous.

Copyright Policy

The content shown are produced exclusively and edited. Any seller or buyer is not authorized to use our material or images for sharing or post on any other website. In case of such a situation, strict action will be taken against that individual or website. Action from our side includes:

  • Inform Google directly that leads the penalty and the webpage will be removed from Google Listing
  • An inspection will be follow-up against that website
  • Copyright claim letter will be mailed to legal advisors, they would take strict actions against a particular person

These actions would ban the domain on a permanent basis. Moreover, Google will remove from the listings that result in huge losses.

All users are highly recommended to follow above-mentioned privacy policy.